“Doug Vincent tackles the themes of fatherhood and what it means to be a good man through the lens of a son as well as a first time father himself.  Vincent’s storytelling is rooted in raw truth and tenderness as he guides his audience through his own personal journey exploring the deep and sometimes fragile bonds of family and self.  Vincent is an actor’s actor – exploring his characters with depth and delivering them to his audience unvarnished, flawed, and simply human.  He is a master of developing full and complex characters.”

 – Ann marie Houghtailing, Playwright and Performer of the Critically Acclaimed Off-Off Broadway Solo Show, “Renegade Princess”

“Doug Vincent is a phenomenal performer based in Boulder, Colorado. ‘A Day for Grace’ is one of those shows that is so human that it’s both hysterically funny and very painful. It’s brilliantly poignant and hilarious, and in the end, completely transcendent of all the experiences.  Doug is tender, warm, funny as hell and outrageous. As I watched him simultaneously claim the story, release it, and transform it…walking it out like a shaman in front of the tribe of audience, I could not stop crying.  The best solo shows will do that to you. Solo performance is not meant as an intellectual exercise; leave that for the ministers and politicians. It is not meant to be self-indulgent though many inexperienced solo performers can fall into that trap. One has to walk through a minefield of the Self to find the gold. But when mined, it is the most brilliant gold on the planet.”

– Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Artistic Director Project Life Stories

“Doug Vincent is a creative powerhouse who embodies compassion, gentleness and bravery. It is a rare person who can nurture and reveal a tender heart and empathic spirit in the performance arena – both as an actor and as a facilitator. His comedic ability spans the physical and intellectual. His emotional spectrum spans the vulnerable to the powerful, one not excluding the other but walking hand-in-hand. Because of this, he is able to bring his audience along with him to places we might not willingly go with anyone else. This capacity in him crosses over into his work as a facilitator. Following and leading his students into uncharted territories, bringing them out the other side through the transcendent power of story-telling is his gift, and ultimately, our gift.  Doug Vincent truly is in service to the world with all he offers. He truly is doing his part to make this world a better place by fostering the transformational power of story-telling. All who know him and work with him are deeply fortunate.”

-Michelle Baker (Vest), Writer, Artist

“I have always loved working with Doug. He is present and giving as a partner in improvisation, ever-ready to follow or lead the way no matter where the scene is headed. Writing with him is much the same: Doug walks a fine line between the banal and the deep, always ready to explore thought-provoking realities or dance off into a world of ridiculous fantasy. In short: he is a ton of (super smart) fun.”

– Jared Crain, Actor/Writer/Comedian

“As a performer, Doug has the ability to quietly draw the audience into his world, and then gives us permission to dance around with him.  Watching him perform is truly inspiring. He is one of those people who walks the line between gloriously light and hilariously dark; he punches you in the gut with truth then gives you a hug.  As a writer and a mentor, Doug is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. While writing my solo show “Miss Communication,” Doug was there every step of the way, helping me figure out the story I wanted to tell. He patiently read all the drafts, listened to all my grandiose ideas, and was my cheerleader when the self-doubt took over. He never pushed or “directed” my show into what he thought it should be. He encouraged me to get everything out and then allowed me to see the story that was already there. Our stories are the product of our pasts, but the simple act of telling our stories ensures that they don’t have to define our futures. Doug taught me that our stories can set us free, and for that I am forever grateful.”

-Michelle Miracle, Actor/Comedian/Voice-Over Artist/Writer/Bowler

“Doug Vincent embodies a rare and magical combination of qualities that make him a powerful performer and a gifted healer. He is somehow a consummate entertainer and a generous empathy, challenging and supportive, rigorous and joyful, fearless in the face of suffering and one of the funniest people I have ever known. Full of energy and absolutely centered all at once, he is a natural leader who is willing and eager to hold the tethers loosely so that those he is working with can soar. But one of Doug’s greatest gifts is his uncanny ability to somehow know just which of these energies is called for in any given moment–and in what measure–to take his audience or his workshop participants just past their edge and over into revelation.”

– Courtney Arnold, Writer/Performer/Coach/Arts Administrator

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