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Boulder Solo Shows offers services for all aspects of solo show writing, development and production. From workshops to coaching, directing, marketing and producing, Boulder Solo Shows can help individuals with their solo show down to the bone and with heart and soul. 

Doug Vincent, Boulder Solo Shows Artistic Director

Doug Vincent

Doug Vincent

Born into a humor soaked storytelling small town Virginia family, Doug quietly absorbed inspired tales from goofy masters. Determined to find the deeper stories, Doug instead repeated the genetic giggle cycle in comedic stage fits. In the audience heaves of approval, the dark behind the humor remained buried. Undaunted by the laughter, Doug persisted to the depths, gently coercing soul wounds to the light. Yet silliness endures.  Doug has trained with many cool talented people, worked with numerous amazing performers and done a million shows culminating in his own solo show, which toured in Chicago, New York City and beyond.  Much love to his deepest heart and soul: his wife Jessica and daughter Grace.

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Boulder StoryHealers

In addition to owning Boulder Solo Shows, Doug runs Boulder StoryHealers, a nonprofit organization.  Boulder StoryHealers helps humanize and improve mental health through the power of storytelling.  The process of StoryHealing was founded and created by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein.  Ms. Rubinstein taught and trained Doug through an intensive process so that he could bring StoryHealing to Boulder.  Boulder StoryHealers is based in Colorado, but can travel to any part of the country for workshops, performances, and more.  For more information visit

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